Reliv Independent Distributor
My Reliv Journey 

Hi my name is Jan Mengel and I'm from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  I was always active; bicycling, cross country skiing and teaching kids with multiple challenges, when in 1998, I started having joint health problems. The progression was rapid, leading to a power wheelchair, a van with a lift and special steering equipment, daily help with my personal needs, and disability retirement.

I tried many different things to manage the aches and the discomfort, but nothing seemed to help long term when, in 2013, I was introduced to Reliv!

My skepticism turned to hope when, after 4 weeks, I no longer had to concentrate on every step I took.  I was walking more, and with confidence I hadn't felt in a long time. Within 3 mos., I rarely needed my motorized chair!

Today that motorized chair sits in my basement, I drive a Subaru Outback with regular steering, ride my recumbent bike, and depend less on my personal care helpers.  Monday to Friday I chase around a 2-year-old while his parents work upstairs, and take my 4 grandsons on adventures during the weekend.  Teaching the oldest 3 to ride a bike is a memory I will forever treasure!

Now I am beginning to earn an income by sharing the hope of Reliv with others, and rejoicing with them as their lives are also being changed!  Although I continue to live with joint health issues, I now have freedom, and hope for my future! 

God and Reliv – my forever team!